WeGenerate in Bucharest: Thorough visits to the demo site

Thorough visits were conducted to the designated demo site for the project, situated in District 2, Bucharest, in close proximity to the UTCB campus. Spanning approximately 7.41 hectares, the impact area encompasses vital community assets, including a school, hospital, student dormitories, various residential structures, and commercial entities. Following the site visits and comprehensive analysis, substantive discussions with the local partners were engaged with the purpose of finding potential solutions for enhancing the area. These encompassed strategies such as greener spaces, installing electric charging stations for e-bikes, and integrating urban furniture.
Simultaneously, data collection for Digital Twin development has begun. The primary focus revolves around three key buildings within the impact zone: the school, UTCB canteen, and one of the student dormitories. The objective is to establish an energy-sharing platform encompassing all three structures. We have obtained GIS data for the impact area, which will prove invaluable for developing the Digital Twin in the future.
The overarching goal is to craft a Digital Twin capable of serving as a blueprint for numerous buildings and areas. This resource will not only facilitate our current project objectives but also empower District 2 to extend the chain of information and drive future urban development initiatives.