WeGenerate in Cascais: Data gathering is pivotal to a good start

Cascais has been deeply involved in a variety of activities to further the objectives of the WeGenerate project. The focus has been on coordinating local stakeholders through regular meetings and establishing efficient communication channels within the community. Technical visits have been carried out to gather vital data and insights relevant to the project goals, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the local context. Additionally, they have been working close with Work Package 2 clusters, concentrating on specific areas such as technology integration and community engagement strategies.

A crucial aspect has been understanding and defining the pilot area, which has entailed identifying key buildings, assessing renewable energy sources like solar power potential, and examining the demographic composition of the population. Furthermore, Cascais has actively participated in setting up the framework for the citizen energy community, with the aim of involving residents and encouraging the adoption of renewable energy. This has involved a detailed analysis of buildings in the pilot area, emphasising energy efficiency and suitability for renewable energy installations.

Understanding the demographics and requirements of the local population, including residents of social housing, school communities, and users of the sports centre, has been essential in customising interventions to ensure inclusivity and efficacy.