WeGenerate in Cesena: Laying the ground for the intervention

Cesena has begun the initial activities to lay the groundwork for the planned intervention at the Vigne Railway station. This process included several key activities, including a series of online meetings and work sessions with the Local Circle (LC) to align on project goals and approaches.
Additionally, a site visit to the Vigne-Railway station area was organised, allowing the LC to experience the space first-hand, gather insights, and discuss potential ideas for the Demo Action Plan. This visit, conducted as an urban trekking event, engaged various local stakeholders who shared their insights and experiences regarding the planned WeGenerate intervention, city visions, and ongoing participatory processes.
Following the site visit, there was an introductory presentation of the WeGenerate project to the colleagues in the Municipality, initiating crucial intersectoral collaboration efforts. Cesena also held several meetings with the Innovation Hub (WP2), engaging in City Dialogues and one-on-one discussions with each of the four Innovation Clusters. This collaboration helped gather insights from both sides: sharing information about the current state of the demo with the partners while receiving valuable input and suggestions for planning future actions. Finally, internal meetings and workshops were conducted to promote cross-departmental collaboration within the municipality, aimed at collecting up-to-date information, documents, and materials on the area, as well as fostering a more holistic and coordinated approach to the transformation of the Vigne Railway area.