WeGenerate in Tampere and Participation in IMAGINE the Metaverse 24 Conference

In an inspiring convergence of innovation and urban development, the demo cities Cascais, Bucharest and Cesena involved in the WeGenerate project visited the fourth demo city Tampere on June 11-12, 2024. Their visit coincided with the inaugural IMAGINE the Metaverse 24 Conference, an event dedicated to exploring the transformative potential of the metaverse.

During their stay, the representatives of the demo cities were particularly intrigued by Tampere's pioneering efforts in developing digital twins and crafting a visionary Metaverse 2040 plan. This conference marked a significant milestone for the City of Tampere as it ventured into the metaverse, showcasing its initial steps and strategic journey.

IMAGINE the Metaverse 24 Conference was conceived to illuminate the profound impact of the metaverse on various sectors. It highlighted how this emerging technology is revolutionising business models, redefining storytelling paradigms, introducing innovative urban planning methods, and equipping the manufacturing industry with cutting-edge tools. The event drew experts from around the globe, creating a platform for discussing and exploring the latest technological advancements, immersive experiences, and services related to the metaverse.

For the WeGenerate partners, the conference provided an exceptional opportunity to delve into Tampere's achievements in smart city development and data information model creation. They gained valuable insights into how these advancements are being integrated into the city’s infrastructure and future plans.

The visit to Tampere also included immersive walks through demo sites such as the Central Square and the Green Urban Space, enhanced with gamification elements. These tours aimed to present the current state and challenges of these areas while shedding light on future development plans. Engaging workshops facilitated future planning discussions among the partners, complemented by presentations on energy renovation examples and heat island analytics.

Overall, the visit and the conference underscored Tampere’s role as a frontrunner in leveraging the metaverse for urban innovation and set the stage for future collaborative efforts in this exciting field.